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Og den skal være visuell og kul å bruke. 5. Det har vi faktisk. Vi jobber mye med kultur i selskapet, hva vi skal stå for. Det er pi^2. Dette kommuniserer vi også ut til kundene våre. Lik eller forskjellig strategi enn konkurrentene: three/five er tydlige på at de er annerledes. one/five er ikke det og prøver å vinne kampen i sitt marked. 1. Så mye på konkurrenter og kopierer. 2. Jeg fileøler vi har litt annerledes startegi enn konkurrenter. Vi jobber med partnere, uten å ha en egen portal. MåEnable var ikke å gjøre noe annerledes, Males å ha minst risiko. Ikke vært opptatt av å se på hva andre i industrier har gjort. Vi må finne svaret selv. three. En klar posisjonering. Vi har veldig mange positve ting med produktet, jeg kunne nevnt elementer, Males vi har veldig bevist kommunisert bare den ene for å ha en tydelig profil. Og det har vi lykkes veldig bra med. Folks annerkjenner oss som ledende på energiforbruk. Vi prøver å gjøre det enda viktigere enn det det er. 4. Vi har mye av det de andre mangler. Strategien er lik på en del punkter og forskjellig på andre punkter. Vi ønsker å differensiere oss fra konkurrenter. Vi ønsker å skille oss mest mulig, men samtidig løse mange av de samme problemene. five. Ja. White label. Actual time. Forsøker dere å endre trender in excess of tid: three av 5 er veldig tydelig på dette. two av 5 trekker litt på det og tenker litt annerledes. seventy three

71 Inside the western planet, time has become far more useful than money. With new Software and systems we have become more and more practical and the result is always that if it requires far too long time, we don t want it. When all other items are commoditized, time turns into the scarce source. Slywotzky argues that removing the hassles of a services or products generates desire. Inside the age of the online market place we discuss a one-simply click-world. Apple counts what number of touches you have to deliver an . Google, Amazon and Adobe fights more than who has the patent for the car-finish attribute, a characteristic that requires absent the techniques of producing The entire phrase and urgent the enter-button. 72 The obstacle is to properly and precise publish up the customer s hassle-map, determining which actions from the lifetime of The client may be removed. Slywotzky argue that if you can get rid of a stage, a person is prepared to pay for it. He phone calls it the prolonged rocky road into a 1-simply click earth, and fixing the hassles supplies The trail to explosive potential demand. sixty nine (Gitomer, 1994) 70 (Godin, Purple Cow, 2009) 71 (Slywotzky, 2011, s. one hundred sixty five) seventy two February 8th 2012, 36

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73 two. Vi lagde et veldig avansert produkt fra dag 1 med veldig mye funksjonalitet, Guys så har vi gjort det enklere etter hvert. Fjerna noe funksjonalitet etter hvert. 3. Vi har gjort alt det (minsket, fjernet ), Adult males først og fremst har vi lagd nye funksjoner. Så nå har vi en portefølje. 4. Det er når du kombinerer eksisterende funksjoner at det plutselig kan bli innovasjon. 5. Nei, godt spørsmål. Når det kommer til sw så er det vitkig at det er en fleksibel struktur. vi prioriterte sanntid. Vi forsøker å forenkle verikjeden. Vi har mange småkonkurrenter, Guys ingen gjør alt det samme som oss. Det som er fint er at konkurrenten vår er en strategisk kinkurrent til kundene våre. Har strategien en tydelig målsetning, slagord, tagline: three/5 har dette. one/five har det internt og kommuniserer dette også ut. 1/5 ikke har tenkt på det, men har noe som ligner på hjemmesiden sin. one. Nja, usikker. Nei, egentlig ikke. Kunne vært greit å gjort. two. Ja. Vi kommer på flere ideer fordi vi har det slagordet. Vi kan lage mange spennende tjenester når vi har det slagordet. 3. Fokus på energisparing. Ja, vi har et slagord. four. Vår enhetlige strategi er å være: den mest sosiale markedsplassen. I starten var det den mest generøse markedsplassen, Gentlemen nå er det den mest sosiale markedsplassen som er viktig.

Hvordan må samfunnet endres for å takle morgendagens utfordringer? Hvordan skal utdanning tilpasse fremtidens behov i stedet for fortidens tradisjoner? Bli med i debatten beneath Europas største studentdrevne næringslivskonferanse.

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55 The significance of relative innovation velocity Attaining insight into how organizations can meet up with improve within their industry and business is attention-grabbing. I have argued that the speed of innovation is expanding. I've come to think that a business sustainable advantage is always confined by time. To fulfill this problem I feel enterprises should adapt (go through: innovate) more quickly than the industry, or else it is going to reduce its aggressive edge. The theory is that it is not a business s innovation pace it should really measure. It is the relative innovation velocity when compared with the marketplace that is important. I do think it is a crucial distinction. This also raises some questions on defense and IPR. Should you have the ability to out-innovate your opponents and the marketplace, can it substitute the enormous amount of money invested in IPR? And with the connectedness and creative imagination of the entire world, maybe innovation is the only real way to help keep a competitive gain Later on? MBA-education kills innovation Discussing the significance of NMBSs I would want to point out the time period the desert journey released to me by one of the interviewed organizations. The desert journey may be the extensive interval ranging from when a firm has confirmed profitable and that lasts until it dies or innovates.

fifty six I think this discussion could be pertinent to the popular discussion on the effectiveness of Innovation Norway s incentives for innovation. ninety six B2B Organization tactic It might be intriguing to discuss how suited NMBSs are for businesses pursuing B2B. It can be argued that processes in B2B take lengthier time and that it is more difficult to alter conduct inside a B2Bmarket when compared with a client sector.

This can be a prioritized record for of the problems, ordered ascending, and beginning with the greatest rapid wins for your internet site. The most significant quick gain is The chance that requires the minimum effort and hard work to put into action in comparison with the optimization payoff in outcome.

Being your own personal manager can seem like a pipe desire, especially when you respond to to seven different bosses at your day task. However you don’t need to invent a Jump to Con

I do think this uncertainty is natural when making an attempt to generate some thing new. At the same time I feel NMBSs could clear away a lot of of these threats that's dangerous on the demand generation procedure. Pivot or persevere? None of the NECs regarded as that they had created any pivots inside their strategy, citing that they only produced incremental alterations. This is sort of extraordinary regarding this data: 90% of entrepreneurial corporations that doesn't pivot during 12 months fall short. 94 It could be exciting to investigation deeper what kind of incremental improvements the NECs experienced built, realizing the bias entrepreneurial providers has in the direction of their unique Tips. Possibly they did pivot All things considered? A solid argument for innovation The conclusions of W.Chan Kim and Reneé Mauborgne are that it's not the corporate or the market that defines sustainable general performance. It is the strategic go. Taking this a person stage even further they may have determined the fourteen percent of companies focusing on new marketplaces account for 61 p.c of complete profit, which is a major acquiring. This result must encourage innovation in all industries. This result must also motivate governmental and NGOs to produce incentives for innovation and entrepreneurship

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sixty four 1. The Interview manual Interview Tutorial This job interview manual is supposed as ha guidance document when conducting the job interview. The target is to acquire a flexible job interview and in this way open up for qualitative responses. The interview tutorial can and will be iterated from just one job interview to the following. Simultaneously it is vital to employ precisely the same issue framework for each job interview in a way that it'll be probable to match the solutions. The purpose: Need to be to uncover should they use/made use of all, or part of, more info or Not one of the theories from Blue Ocean Technique, Lean Startup, The Four Ways to your Epiphany and Demand creation. Presentasjon: Hei! Jeg er UiO student og veldig interessert i forretningsstrategi og innovasjonsledelse.

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